Welcome to our Collective Gallery, a tapestry woven by individuals from Slovakia, Denmark, Austria, Estonia, and Italy. Here, heartfelt responses to “Where do I belong?” create a mosaic of thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.

Explore the gallery for a glimpse into generational needs and paths. This resource is invaluable for educators, youth workers, social workers, and psychologists, offering insight into unique challenges and aspirations within communities.

For those working with these communities, the collection illuminates areas where additional support is crucial, tailoring systems to resonate with individual needs.

To young people navigating their paths, this gallery is a testament that they are not alone. Each shared thought represents a journey—a quest for answers, a desire to carve out a fulfilling and fruitful path.

Join the conversation, click through the gallery, and witness the aspirations, challenges, and dreams of this generation. Together, let’s build a community that thrives on understanding, support, and the shared journey of discovering where we truly belong. 🌟