Collective Communities

Global citizens who are currently living in Austria have been given the opportunity to reflect on a variety of topics related to ReCalibur and ecopsychology: 

  • Where do I belong?
  • What is my identity?
  • What is my relation with myself?
  • In what communities am I, and what is my relation to them?
  • How do I feel about my non-human environment (nature, technology, …) and what is my relation to it?
  • How can I bring balance and positive resonance to the elements of myself, communities and the environment? 
  • What can I bring to this world? To myself, to others, to the planet, to life? 
  • What needs healing in myself and in this world?
  • In what stage of life am I? 
  • What are important issues for myself, my communities and my environment?
  • What is the message of nature and of our communities? 


In order to reflect on these topics, a variety of art forms and creative expression techniques with a focus on storytelling in all forms have been proposed, among other:

  • Haiku
  • Poems
  • Fairy tale
  • Metaphoric cards
  • Mandala
  • Short stories
  • AI generated images
  • Dancing and creative movement
  • Improv theatre
  • Drawing and painting
  • Photography
  • Collage
  • Plastilina
  • Memes
  • Mind maps
  • Nature experience and landscape art


The global citizens have been invited to do their personal reflections, however knowing that a selection of these contributions would be made publicly available in a community gallery as a collective storytelling experience. Already in the process of creation, the contributions have been made available to each other so that people could build up on each others’ ideas and inspire each other in a collective experience over time. 

We mostly worked in English, but since for most of us this is not our native language, some of the contributions are in other languages as well.

Here in this gallery, you find a selection of the contributions made by the global citizens. The final selection entails 79 contributions in 10 different categories. As a group agreement, the authors prefer to stay anonymous, in order to offer something to the community without underlining the ego. For many of the contributions, the authors however offered insights and explanation on their motivation for their contribution, and the message they are meaning to convey. 

Short stories

My new home

So this autumn, I wrote my first letter to her, back in summer. She worries, I know her. She is dying to know what is

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Short stories

Saying goodbye

PART 1 Saying goodbye, that’s hard for me … I’ve always been so bad at goodbyes, that feeling of not knowing when are you gonna

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Short movies


Remarks by the author: I believe we need to talk about drugs, and the role they play for us and our communities. Most of them

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Title: “Europe is my home” Remarks by the author: If we talk about belonging and communities, I must say that I feel very European. I

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Will there be a future as it would have been?  Change is wind and storms can rage, For emotion is human and humans we are.

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The Call

There was a girl who did not know what to do One day, something called her She packed her suitcase and set off She did

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Everything is tense The soul, the body, and the mind Will I pass the test? Remarks by the author: Many of my friends and also

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The flower of love

Once upon a time, in a remote village surrounded by dense forests, there lived a young man named Cornelius. He was a tender soul plagued by deep loneliness. The people in the village were friendly, but his heart felt empty.

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Celestia y Pachito

Once upon a time, nestled high in the Andes mountains, there existed a magical realm where a wise old condor named Celestia and a gentle llama named Pachito lived.

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