Where I Belong

Welcome to our Belonging Adventure: Poems, Mandalas, and Nature Bliss!

Get ready for an awesome experience that mixes the magic of words and the wonders of nature – our activity, “Where do I belong?” We dived into the world of poetry and then headed outdoors to create beautiful nature mandalas while chatting about where we fit in the grand scheme of things.

The Poetry Kickoff: 

Picture this: someone from our gang penned a thought-provoking poem on the age-old question, “Where do I belong?” This poem is like the spark that gets us all thinking and chatting about what makes us, us.

Nature Hangout:

We ditch the indoors and meet up in the middle of nature, surrounded by the sounds of leaves rustling and a gentle breeze. Armed with herbs and wood, we create nature mandalas – super fancy designs on the field. It’s not just arts and crafts; it’s like a nature hug that makes us feel grounded and part of something bigger.

Sharing the Scoop:

As our mandalas take shape, each of us spills the beans on what we think about belonging. It’s like a group chat, but cooler. We share stories, backgrounds, and dreams, creating this awesome mashup of different perspectives that make us all feel connected.

There comes a time in every one’s life, 

When they shorten opinions of self. 

Taking egos and ideologies, 

And placing them back up on the shelf. 


When it comes your time, 

it’s easy to fall into a trap, 

Where you beat yourself up, 

For your previous mishaps. 

Your newfound knowledge, 

Tells you how to behave, 

But your inside monologue, 

Seeks to withhold and enslave. 


It’s normal, don’t panic, the game is self improvement, 

No country ever progressed, without progressive movements.

If we continually hold grudges, against man or nation, 

Then we’d never move forward, the train would remain in the station. 


So we learn to forgive, 

And then we learn to forget, 

Is it easier externally, 

Why do we live with regret?

Regret is a lesson, 

That you needed to learn, 

So when you’ve passed the exam, 

A new corner should turn. 


If you harbour the belief that you are what you eat, 

You’ll spend your life living the concept of defeat. 

What you have eaten shall pass, in just one day, 

So tell me, your childhood, why does it haunt you that way. 


When you are young, 

Your judgements are ill, 

Until you realise that, 

Correction is a skill. 

That life’s one big learning curve, 

Twisting and turning, 

Making you swerve. 

Crash into walls, 

Write your car off, 

Pick up the pieces, 

Dust yourself off. 


Living care free, with zero sense of regret, 

Can be achieved without a trip to Tibet. 

Find yourself comfy, be happy with your position, 

Self love shouldn’t be an impossible acquisition.


"I belong in the rhythm of the city, where the hustle and bustle match the beats of my ambitions. Amidst skyscrapers, I find my groove, and that's where I truly belong."

"For me, belonging is in the quiet embrace of the mountains. The crisp air, towering peaks, and the solitude – that's where I feel a connection to something greater, like I'm part of nature's grand masterpiece."

"I belong right here, in the warmth of my community. From shared laughter to helping hands, this tight-knit circle is where I find acceptance and the comfort of knowing I'm surrounded by my people."

"My heart belongs to the sea, where the waves sing stories of freedom. Salt in the air, sand beneath my feet – that's where I find my true self, lost in the endless horizon."

"I belong on the stage, where the spotlight reveals my passion. In the spotlight, I'm not just performing; I'm connecting with others through the language of art, and that's where I feel at home."

"My belonging is in the pages of a good book, surrounded by the words of countless authors. Between the lines, I find solace, escape, and the joy of exploring different worlds with every turn."

"In the heart of a bustling kitchen, amidst sizzling pans and aromatic spices, I belong. Cooking is my language, and every dish tells a tale of flavors and traditions that make me feel rooted and alive."

"Nature's my calling. I belong where the trees whisper secrets and the birds sing melodies. It's in the simplicity of a forest where I find peace and a sense of belonging to something ancient."

"I belong in the studio, where the canvas becomes a mirror of my emotions. Every stroke, every color, is a piece of my soul on display, and it's in that vulnerability that I find my true belonging."

"Among the neon lights and the electric energy of the city nightlife, that's where I belong. The dance floors, the neon glow – it's in those vibrant moments that I feel alive and truly connected."

"Home is where my camera is. I belong behind the lens, capturing the essence of life. In every click, I freeze moments that define me, and that's where I find my place in this ever-changing world."

"My roots are in the soil of my ancestral land. I belong where traditions are passed down like precious treasures, connecting me to a rich history that shapes my identity."

"I belong on two wheels, navigating the open road. The wind in my hair, the hum of the engine – that's where I discover the freedom and thrill that make me feel at one with the world."

"The laboratory is my sanctuary. Amidst beakers and microscopes, I belong. In the pursuit of knowledge and discovery, I find my purpose and a sense of belonging to the scientific tapestry."

"Belonging, for me, is in the melodies of my guitar. Strumming chords, creating harmonies – that's where I find my rhythm and a connection to the universal language of music."

"I belong in the embrace of family gatherings, where laughter echoes and stories are shared. It's in those simple moments of togetherness that I feel the warmth of belonging to something greater."

"On the yoga mat, I find my center. Belonging is in the mindful breaths, the serenity of each pose. It's in that journey inward where I discover my place in the vast universe."

"My belonging is on the open road, with a backpack and a map in hand. Exploring new landscapes and meeting strangers along the way – that's where I find the adventure that completes me."

"In the laughter of children and the chaos of a classroom, I belong. Teaching is not just a job; it's where I contribute to shaping young minds and feel the shared journey of learning."

"I belong in the embrace of the cosmos, under the stars and the vast expanse of the night sky. The universe is my home, and in its infinite beauty, I find a sense of belonging to something beyond earthly borders."

"My belonging is in the rhythm of my favorite sport. Whether on the soccer field or basketball court, the camaraderie and competition create a sense of unity that transcends individuality."

Why You Should Try It Out:

  • Soul Searching: Figure out your place in the world with the help of a nifty poem.
  • Nature Vibes: Hang out in nature, boost your mood, and feel the good vibes.
  • Artsy Vibes: Turn your thoughts into a masterpiece – a nature mandala that’s uniquely you.
  • Friendship Goals: Chat with the gang, hear their stories, and feel the love of being part of something awesome.