Nature Diaries


This activity takes a few days, therefore can be either implemented in a residential
training programme as a daily activity, or spread over a period of time, although not more than a week should pass in between the 6 parts.

The purpose is to create a Nature Appreciation Diary, connecting the accomplishment of one’s goals through positive, constructive, imaginative and multi-sensorial experiences in nature and to use the diary to note down these experiences.

Namely the activities will touch the following topics:

1) Intention: Where the goal or objective is set, by empathising with the human community/ecosystem surrounding the person, and connecting own wellbeing to that
of the community and the biosphere around. Here is also where the diary will be
physically created.

2) Observing: This day’s activities focuses on observation of nature and connect it to
observing one’s own goals and objectives.

3) Listening: This day’s activities focus on listening and practice listening in nature to
then connect to listening to oneself and needs concerning goals and objectives.

4) Animating: This day’s activities are focused on animating nature, which includes
using creativity and imagination applying it to gazing and imagining, to the connect
to one’s goals and objectives and how creativity can be applied.

5) Mutuality: This is the day to give something back, as participants gained much by
interacting positively with nature, and it is time to return the favour by reciprocating
and keeping the relationship balanced.