Nature Dialogue


This is a self-paced and individual activity concerned with reconnection with nature, which promises to provide the experience of a genuine and deep initial reconnection with the natural world, by providing an experience of interaction with nature as a subject and not an object.

This activity can be connected and related to any introspective type of query participants want to pose. Per se, the activity is very simple, participants are asked to individually go outdoors (any outdoors/natural space will work) and ask them to find a place, a specific place, that somehow attracts them and strongly calls their attention, not to try to force it.

Once they find the place to stop, and to actually ask this space in nature why it called to them, what does it want to tell them, and be open for any answers they may receive. The goal is to remain in the space for as long as they feel it is necessary, and once they feel the process is complete, to show gratitude to this place, and to reciprocate the favour received of the learnings with a gift a present meant for the place.