Fairy Tales


It is an individual activity focused on personal awareness and discovery, by using a very old communication and storytelling method known as fairy tales, which embed morale, teachings and a positive outlook often including a happy ending. As well as a personal development tool, that includes elements of nature, myths and culture, as symbols and metaphors for self-expression that are used to compose the fairy tale. Also tale-telling is one of the oldest tools of humankind for expression, learning and sharing within communities.


A participant will be enabled, by applying this method, to self-express creatively to describe an experience or situation they just faced, simplifying it, dissociating, using metaphors and symbols to tell it as if it was a fairy tale, set in the past and with a happy ending, therefore expressing it with a positive outlook.


The major answer that can be attained from participating in this activity is a greater understanding of the experience at hand and extract the learnings that are embedded in facing that situation or having an experience, and thus include it in the personal development path.


Usually no questions are raised during this activity, as it is a very individual activity, the main concern people face is if they will be made to share the story with others, the answer is that this will be a personal story, sharing will happen but will only be done orally and as much as the participant wants to share with one another, ensuring thus safety and privacy.