Earth Walk Rebooted


The activity is about nature, oneself, communities and ecosystems. 

People venture on a walk (duration can vary, from 1 hour to half a day) which represents the entire existence of the Earth as a planet, from its early formation to these days. 

Ideally, a walk of 4.5 km would mean that each step (approx 1 meter) equals one million years of Earth’s age.

At specific times (and places), the narrator-facilitator asks the group to stop and narrates some facts of interest that happened at the corresponding age and time period. 

Many exercises can be integrated into the activity: from individual to small group tasks, reflection, discussion, energizers and team-building games.

The activity aims at teaching in a gentle and hands-on way facts and information about life on Earth (and many subjects can be integrated, according to the background of the facilitator: biology, geology, chemistry, astronomy, history…), and to provide participants with a personal and group experience of “Deep Ecology” – connection with oneself, with the communities, the natural environment and the ecosystems (animate and inanimate) that exist in it.