This method is highly about oneself and one’s relationship to others and the community. Very supportive in building a strong, intimate community and mutual understanding between individuals. It can also be done in nature, giving it a bit of a relationship to nature, though it’s mostly about human relations.

The answers participants get could be:

  • What is my truth?
  • Where can I grow?
  • How do I really feel?
  • Who am I?
  • What are my fears, strengths and challenges?
  • How can I
    inspire others and vice versa?
  • How do I listen? How do I speak from my presence?
  • How am I vulnerable? How do I open up?
  • How do I create community and a safe space?


After proper introduction to the method, presumably all questions have been
answered, as this method is very open and depending on what the participants bring.