Tell The Story

Ever wondered how professionals handle the unexpected? Our game, “Tell the Story,” spills the beans! We reached out to a global squad of youth workers, leaders, and teachers who shared their epic tales when everything went off-script. The ReCalibur Team assessed each situation card, ranking them from 1 to 80 – from a walk in the park to a “what the heck just happened” moment!

Getting Started

Print Your Story Cards

Download and print each story card on a separate sheet. Each card tells a tale of resilience, adaptability, and the unexpected.

Gather Your Crew

It is suitable for 2 players and beyond. We recommend it for ages 18 and above.

Set the Stage

Shuffle the deck, deal three cards, and arrange them in numerical order based on their index.

How to play


Draw Your Destiny

Use the remaining cards as your draw pile.


Dive In

Putting the tools into practice, including local communities with fewer opportunities


Guess Right, Win Big

No need for pinpoint accuracy! Just guess its place within the index.


Victory Awaits

Guess right? Claim the card. Guess wrong? Pass the challenge to the next player. The first to gather 8 cards emerges victorious!


Game on for approximately 25 minutes

Ready to navigate the unexpected and hear tales of triumph and tribulation? Let the storytelling begin!